Become a Woman of Power!

Take part in a ritual to awaken the Pyramids of Egypt

Станьте Женщиной Силы

In November, we are waiting for all our students and their friends and acquaintances in Egypt. There you can become a member of a unique ritual to awaken the Pyramids of Egypt. This ancient ritual will protect our planet from war and disease. And it will also help each participant in their affairs, love and career. This article will tell you how all this will happen.

There is a war between Good and Evil

Our ancestors could envy us: we live in a comfortable, calm world. We do not participate in bloody wars, we do not die of hunger, we are not engaged in heavy physical labor. Doctors learned to cure diseases that until recently were considered incurable. Wonderful world, isn’t it?

But this is, of course, not about the whole population of the planet. Millions of people from the poorest countries of the world, as in the Middle Ages, die of hunger and disease, live in houses made of a plastic bag or cardboard and … kill each other.

Yes, today’s wars are not comparable to the First or Second World Wars. But in many parts of the world there are armed conflicts, public unrest, terrorist acts. Blood is pouring, lives are broken. Hatred, anger, fear, pain, violence – there is so much negativity in the world that one would not dare calling the Earth a paradise.

This entire negative appeared for a reason. This is a manifestation of the spirits of the lower world, larvae, and demons. From all eternity, they have been trying to establish their dominance on our planet. And let’s be honest, sometimes they do it very well. Inquisition, plague epidemics, war, the Holocaust, HIV, technological disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis – there are a lot of means to destroy humanity in the arsenal of the spirits of the Lower World.

 Why are we still alive then, you ask. The fact is that demons do death, fear and destruction not with their own hands, but through people. The task of the spirits of the Lower World is to penetrate the souls of as many people as possible. Turn them into warriors of evil. But they are always confronted by Women of Power.

 This struggle between Good and Evil will be happening on the Earth forever. Until one of the parties wins. But each of us can bring the victory of the Women of Power closer if she becomes one of them.

Станьте Женщиной Силы

Women of Power: who are they?

In fact, the Women of Power do not come from Earth! According to legend, once a very long time ago they were sent to our planet from the distant mysterious star Sirius. There is a completely different life there. It is reminds Paradise most of all. There are no wars, diseases, hatreds, fears. The inhabitants of Sirius live in love, understanding and compassion. We can say that morally they are much higher than the people of the Earth.

Long time ago the people of Sirius decided to help us, people of the earth, in the fight against the spirits of the Underworld and the larvae. And help us build Paradise on earth. Representatives of Sirius came to our planet, and here they took the human appearance. Of course, they don’t remember where they came from. And  they can not be distinguished from ordinary people by appearance: they have no tentacles, wings, antennas or any other alien signs.

But these people feel their otherness, a great desire to do something big and important for the benefit of others. They are not satisfied with career successes, big money, luxury homes and expensive cars. All these attributes of success are not satisfying for them.

Among the messengers from Sirius there are many good-doers, philanthropists or even ordinary volunteers who try to change the world for the better every day. And they see the meaning of their life in this, and not in a new apartment or yacht.

They are the true Women of Power scattered across our Earth! There are many of them, but they do not know about each other. They don’t know the main thing: having come together, they can turn our planet into Paradise!

Dear ladies, Women of Power are you!

Станьте Женщиной Силы

How to wake up the Pyramids of Egypt

We know about it! And we have been conducting seminars in different cities and countries to find all the Women of Power and bring them together for more than 30 years. What for? To conduct a unique ceremony to awaken the pyramids!

All the pyramids on Earth appeared thanks to the representatives of Sirius. It does not matter whether they are man-made, like the pyramids of Egypt, Mexico, China, Latin America, or miraculous, like Mount Kailash in Tibet or the Pyramid of Love in Cyprus.

If you activate all the pyramids, they will create an energy protective field that will protect the Earth and its inhabitants from wars, disasters, epidemics, hunger. That is, it will not allow the spirits of the Lower World to win.

But for this, the pyramids need to be woken up. Now they are sleeping. They are just dead stones that hide huge power. What can awaken them? It’s the fifth element, as in the film of the same name by Luc Besson. That is, a person, or rather a super person. This person should not have evil, aggression, hatred in their soul. On the contrary, this person should think about the happiness of all the people of the Earth.

As you may have guessed, such people are Women of Power. They activate the pyramids of Egypt and other countries. So it was, for example, during the last retreat to Kazakhstan, when the participants in the ritual were able to wake the pyramid of Kazakhstan. The pyramids of Egypt and Mexico, which are waiting for spiritual people, responded to this.

Therefore, we organize two retreats. In November, to Egypt, and in February to Mexico. If we manage to awaken all the pyramids, then Paradise will come during our lifetime! We will live in a completely different world. World of absolute love and 100% happiness.

But this will happen only if all the Women of Power come together! Therefore, we invite you! Come and invite friends, relatives, colleagues! Let’s save our planet together!

And one must also remember that participation in the ritual changes not only the world around, but also the destiny of its participants. This is such a powerful energetical ceremony that it solves any problems: health, money, relationships, self-realization. Special Objects of Power, that we use during the ritual, also help. Come and see for yourself!

Vittoria, Canada:

My grandmother used to say that people like me were blessed by God. That is, I was always lucky in everything, I managed to do everything I planned successful. I entered the best college due to my knowledge. I obtained education. I got a job at a large company right after graduation from the University. My career developed rapidly.

Many of my classmates took their first steps in the profession with great difficulty. For many years, they held the lowest positions, barely making ends meet. And at 25 I became the director of the branch. I had an apartment, car, I traveled a lot.

But to be honest, all this seemed to me somehow … not real or something like that. Not what man comes to Earth for. I have always believed that in every person there is a divine particle, a fire that awakens all the best in the soul. So really, I thought, God’s spark was given to me to launch startups and increase the profit of my employer ?! This is so petty …

I realized that I need to do self-development. And very quickly joined the Field of Love movement (I say – God blessed me :)). The spiritual and energy practices that we did changed me. I started participating in charity projects to help those who were not as lucky as me.

I also participated in a circle prayer – we then stopped very strong forest fires in distant Russia. It was an amazing experience! After it, I wanted something more. Therefore, I gladly accepted the invitation to go to a retreat in Kazakhstan to awaken the pyramid.

Then, during the ritual, it was like a ray of light piercing me. I clearly saw our planet. What can it be if there are no wars, no diseases, no abandoned children. I used to imagine Paradise differently. But after the trip to Kazakhstan I realized what it should be like. And I decided to help in its creation.

I intend to visit Egypt in November and Mexico in February. I decided that I could persuade and bring at least 10 friends with me. I know, the task is ambitious, because people are very distrustful, but do not forget that I was blessed:))) I think I will keep the word I gave myself.

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