Women of Power are unusual people with superpowers

Women of Power are unusual people with superpowers. They came to Earth from Sirius – the brightest and most mysterious star. Distant Sirius has other laws: kindness, mercy, care, and boundless love. This is what we people of Earth, call paradise.

It is possible to build paradise on our planet! But for this all the pyramids of the Earth have to be activated. The awakened pyramids will create an invisible energy dome that will cover the Earth and protect it from war, epidemics, hunger, and death.

For more than 30 years we have been uniting the Women of Power, gathering them together and going to special closed retreats to create an universal protective cocoon.

Women of Power are those who know all the secrets of the great Queen Cleopatra!

  • How to get rid of loneliness and build harmonious relationships
  • Special ceremony for opening of cash flow
  • The oldest recipes to keep youth and beauty for years to come
  • How to activate the center of feminine energy, be sexy and attractive
  • Simple steps to maintain vitality, get rid of depression and tiredness
  • The field of charm – with its help, the great Cleopatra conquered the most outstanding men of her time

Only Women of Power are able to change the destiny!


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